• (#2)  I AM wise counsel and a straight-forward, no-nonsense type of a person
  •         (although people often tell me that I'm quite witty with my delivery :-)
  • (#3)  I absolutely Love the Beach & Enjoy Laughing! I would be happy working from there everyday. 
  • (#4)  I Am a Results Oriented, Very Focused, Driven, Passionate & Goal-Oriented person!
  • ​(#5)  I Truly Enjoy Helping, Teaching, and Coaching Others to Reach Their Desired Goals, Dreams, & Aspirations in Life!   
  • (#6)   I Love to TRAVEL (and desire to have more people join me on my trips)
  • (#7)   I enjoy Serving Others with generosity and am equally as comfortable opening myself up to receiving as well as giving.
  • (#8)   I DO ENJOY THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE ... and Do Live a Prosperous & Peaceful Life!

  Let me help you get to the TOP because I heard that it's the bottom that 's crowded, full of competition and envy, and  toxic with lots of negativity!  It's Time for a Change; Your Wings are Ready!!!!


My Personal Story

"​Beloved, I wish above all things that [you may] prosper and be in [good] health, just as your soul prospers !"       ~3 John 2



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The message: 

Today, I am living from my dreams.  My life is a Success and now I am in a position to give back and help others reach their life dreams too.  I hope my story can be a testimony to inspire and motivate you to pursue your dreams too. I look forward to working with you very soon and sharing more. 


"If you will change, everything will change for you." 
"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by CHANGE"

   - Jim Rohn

I am on a journey to Inner Peace, Wellness, and Financial Independence! So, are you wondering exactly Who Is Amy Hymes and why you should allow me to teach and coach you?  Well, I want to start out by saying that I'm probably not very different from you. I grew up in small town America and come from very humble beginnings.  I did not inherit a family fortune, did not have the privilege of being taken care of financially by a wealthy man or husband, and did not have anyone in my upbringing to guide me towards financial success.  My secret to success is very simple:  I DECIDED that I wanted to live a life different from the one I saw growing up; I took the time to STUDY and research how-to generate wealth; then I set about PREPARING myself for the journey ahead.  Early on I started studying financial independence .... I studied success principles (from Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, to natural laws and the Law of Attraction, wealth building, psychology and how the mind works, to quantum physics and neuropsychology, etc.). I read everything that I could get my hands on in reference to how I could increase my financial situation and change my life to achieve what I truly desired. I knew I needed to find a way to break out of the cycle of "scarcity" and "not enough" and BREAKTHROUGH MY PSYCHOLOGICAL BARRIERS TO SUCCESS and overcome some of my limiting beliefs and money and success .. and what I discovered and started to learn was life changing for me!!!   What I LEARNED was that I needed to follow a BLUEPRINT , or should I say follow the patterns and actions of a few select 'highly' successful individuals who had already accomplished what I wanted to do in life.  So I did just that ... and I learned to fly!!! I learned how to transform my life and go from a caterpillar to a butterfly.


I'm feeling so honored and blessed that you decided to stop by and spend some time with me today.  I want to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to my site. I believe you are here today because you want more information about personal growth and development and are considering working with me and my team to help you learn how-to transform your mindset to that of a prosperity consciousness, so you too can get on a journey to financial freedom and join us over here on this side of prosperity! Please take the time to discover some of the resources that I have to offer you on this site that will enhance your mindset, inspire you, and catapult your life to your next level of desired success. My mentor, the Late Jim Rohn said, "Your Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change;" so let's work together to make some changes in our lives!  

​​Please understand that you can have- be-or-do anything in life that you truly desire, IF you would simply take the TIME to LEARN how to do it and then take inspired action everyday by applying what you have learned.  All you need to do is to follow a prescribed prescription, formula, or blueprint designed by someone who knows the way and can guide you along the right path!  I am that person for you and I know I can help you. To start off with today, I want to teach you a strategy I learned from my mentor Mr. Jim Rohn. He helped me to understand that "Profits are Better than Wages." He taught us that one of the paths to financial freedom is to work full time on your job making a living; while working part-time building your fortune; and that's what I want to teach you how to do.  I'm eager to work with you and teach you how to generate extra money on a part-time basis while working your full time job.

Your Friend and Success Coach,  


P.S. Please note that we are a very positive community here where we spend our quality time uplifting, helping and serving others. As such, this site is designed for people who are serious about their personal growth and development and want to make changes in their lives.  So, IF personal growth and financial freedom is not what you desire to learn more about, then this site is probably NOT for you. On the other hand, if you can admit to yourself that it's TIME for a change in your life; then you have landed on your goldmine. I would love to be a part of your professional development team  today, to help you reach some of your desired life goals tomorrow!     

P.P.S. You can read below to learn a little more about me. 

From studying about successful people who had 'earned their own wealth' and already had financial success doing what I wanted to accomplish in life, I learned that I needed to DREAM BIG and CREATE  A PLAN FOR MY LIFE. So I set out to accomplish just that. 

I designed my first life plan ... this plan included five major things:

  • 1) my VISION, DREAMS,  for the future;
  • 2) some WRITTEN GOALS & INTENTIONS for my personal and financial desires (with dates for completion); 
  • 3) a PLAN OF ACTION (with specific tasks) to accomplish what I desired;
  • 4) a LIST OF COACHES and mentors  and experts that I could hire to help me along the way; and
  • 5) some PREPARATION to get me ready when the opportunity came.                                                                                                                     

Through working with the coach I hired, I discovered that the first thing I had to work on was DEVELOPING MY MINDSET.  Yes, I learned that I was being hampered from taking a quantum leap forward because I was functioning from a 'scarcity' mindset or should I say a "limited belief system.  So I did my mindset and inner programming work and started to UNDERSTAND MY FEARS, MY THINKING PATTERNS and why I functioned the way that I did.  Now would you believe that I was doing things in a certain way because that was all that I knew; sad, :( sad but true.  Yes, I was following in the footsteps of my environment ... and that  junk in the trunk (my mindset) had to be changed immediately!!!! So I started making baby steps.  I started to follow the advice of my success coach and read more psychology books on how the subconscious mind worked; I started listening and watching only POSITIVE MESSAGES that would expand my mind! I turned my vehicle into a rolling Universe and started investing in myself by purchasing audio CD's from teachers, speakers, and coaches that would motivate, inspire, or teach me something new. I also started to invest in home study courses to learn what I didn't know.Once I learned the secret sauce, I then went about TAKING ACTION everyday towards achieving my dreams - by implementing what I was learning.   Then in 2000, I stepped out on faith (after much preparation and prayer of course) and started my first business! Hymes & Associates Human Resources Consulting, LLC.

Now please trust and believe that IT WAS NOT EASY!!! My journey was very difficult!  I’ve experienced some major hurt and disappointments in my life. Would you believe that I didn’t even realize we were underprivileged until I went off to college. There, I always dreaming of being a psychologist, but I knew my family could not afford it and did not have the money to send me through 9 – 10 years of school. They were barely scraping together to make ends meet. As a result, my mother always talked about going to school and becoming a “Computer Programmer” because that’s where she thought the money would be in the future (but, I always had a dream of becoming a Psychologist and helping others). Friends, I’ve gone through a lot of trials and tribulations in my life to get to where I am today. First and foremost, the most devastating thing that can happen to a young person happened to my family.  We lost our mother, the rock of our family, when I was 19 and my support system was crushed forever!  At that time, I had two younger brothers, age 16 and 10, that my sister (age 22) and I had to help raise. After my mothers death, we  struggled financially to finish college (but we did it … through persistence, faith, and the grace of God). We had to find a way to bounce back from that tremendous lost ... AND IT WAS DIFFICULT!!!!    But, I  made it thorough by the Grace of God.  I was able to press through, complete my undergraduate degree, and then I joined the military (U.S. Air Force) because I needed a way to get out of small town USA.  But that's not all, I experienced even more setbacks. I went through a heartbreak divorce at the age of 29 :( It was very sad and depressing time! I had to learn how to heal my heart and pick myself up so I could move forward.  It was difficult and it was trying.  I went through a process of healing and forgiveness and it worked out for me; look at me now!    


From there, I was able to complete my Masters degree (to prepare me for business ownership.)  Then, eight years later, I was able to complete a PhD in Psychology. ~ I had reached one of my major life dreams. Was it difficult? Oh yes, lots of sacrifices and very long-long nights. Who would have imagined that coming from such humble beginnings that one could still reach massive success! Well, I did, Amy Hymes from small town USA; and Yes, you can do it too!  I IMAGINED it. I Dreamed it. I THOUGHT about it. But most importantly, I visualized and believed. I was actually a dreamer since I was a child, and my mother never made me stop imagining what could be.

 I’ve always had a mind of my own and that ‘willful’ and ‘vocal’ manner often got me into serious trouble with my Mom. You see, one thing you need to know about Southern folk is that they have this saying, “spear the rod …spoil the child.”  In other words, we got whippings’ for talking back, for being defiant, for not accomplishing chores on time, for not having dinner cooked by the time my Mom got home, etc. etc. etc. I always tried to outsmart that woman, I could do it with my dad (because I was his “baby girl”), but my Mom was always one step ahead of me. I love that woman for that. There was absolutely no wiggle room to get into trouble, or to go down the wrong road with her. We had to be accounted for at ALL times. When I look back on my childhood, I know that my parents did the best that they knew how. Now, I realize that those strict disciplines, life struggles, humble beginnings, and words of wisdom from my dear Mom is what gave me the perseverance to want more out of life and to DREAM BIG.

After my High School graduation, my mother wrote a letter to me and it’s what I’ve used as my inspiration to keep me going everyday for the past decades. I never got to tell her thank you. Since you didn’t have the privilege to hear my mom’s voice and her strong words I want to share that very same letter that she wrote to me with you today for encouragement.

This letter was written to me in 1983 by my Mother before she passed away.

June 15, 1983 

Dear Candie: 

Time just fly by, it waits on no one. When I think back it seems as if it was only a few years ago when you were in kindergarten with your dainty little self and your hard to manage hair (smile). I have seen you progress from there; thru elementary school, thru junior high school, and now thru high school, graduated with honors. I am so very proud of you and your many achievements.

Candie, I want you to remember that this is just the first milestone in your life. Upon entering College this fall, your father and I, only hope that you take your education very serious. We do know that this is your first time away from home, but we believe in you and we know that all of our many years of teaching you good values, that it will all pay off, and that you will continue to make us proud of you. Remember, nothing comes easy, be persistent in whatever you do, don’t give up so easy. Being persistent, hard studying and being lady like will all contribute to make you one of the best Computer Programmers in 1987. Always put God first in your life and you will succeed! 

Love & Success,

Mommy and Daddy 


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