If you have a strong desire to live an "Extraordinary" life - where you never have to live paycheck to paycheck, or never again struggle to make ends meet - then you have stumbled upon your goldmine!  I am Dr. Amy and I own and operate a personal development training organization focused on economic empowerment!  We are dedicated to coaching and training  individuals on how-to start entrepreneurial endeavors to earn extra money from home on a part-time basis, 

 while working their full time jobs.      

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Amy J. Hymes, Ph.D. 

Economic Empowerment Advocate

Business Coach, Psychologist & Adviser to Small Business Owners

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Is a supportive personal growth and development community dedicated to helping individuals upgrade their mindsets and get on a journey to financial freedom!!!  We specialize in helping with Transformational Life Changes.  I teach financial education, coach on mindset development and business strategies, and share information and resources that will take your knowledge and desired business endeavors to the next level of success. I can help you reach your desired goals!  I am a trained educator-psychologist-life coach; adjunct college professor and management consultant; personal development expert and author, and a servant leader on a mission to help as many people as I can to transform their lives!!!!  One of my personal goal for the next two years is to train and coach at least  288 individuals on how to start businesses that generates EXTRA STREAMS OF INCOME on a part-time basis, while working their full time job through different micro-business models.  I can see you as ONE of the 288 preparing to join me on this journey to prosperity!  I know I can help you.  I will teach you how to grow your finances so you can be a blessing to others!  I will train you on the models and systems I've learned and utilized to pull myself up and up level my life; I will work with you and coach you until you rise to the top!  The question is: ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE?  If so, let's get started today!  Fill out the form below .... and please do not allow the titles above to scare you away, I am a down to earth "keep it real " type of a person who understands the struggle and stand ready to meet you right where you are!  I just need you to take the first step. I'ts TIME for you and your family to prosper! It's Time to Invest in yourself!  It;s time for you to take action and launch some of those dreams that are in your heart!  It's time for you to try a new opportunity! Take the road less traveled and START! Take the first step to your New Future and connect with me today!  

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transform Your Mindset. Develop Your Skillset. Create Extra Streams of Income.
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My Goal is to train, coach, and help you to start a new business endeavor centered around your Passion or Life Purpose!  Sign up below to join my community, receive updates on my events, and get  a FREE chapter entitled "MINDSET REALLY DOES MATTER" from my Prescription To Reach Abundant Success Book.


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